The National Bureau of Revenue and Regulatory Offiicals, NBRRO, was originally established in 1983 as the National Bureau of Business Licensing Officials by former city attorneys, Paul Morris and Mark Arnold, of the Salt Lake City area. Their goal was to provide an educational forum for the interchange of relevant legal cases, efficiency tips and tricks, proven methods for revenue enhancement and regulation as well as other pertinent information. Our group supports state, county and local jurisdictions. We offer education of benefit to attorneys, accountants, administration, city clerks, licensing officials, and code enforcement officials. The NBRRO website offers members easy access to relevant information.  

Inderchange of Ideas

Regular activities include:

Thu, 22 May 2014
*Mark your calendars for the 31st Annual NBRRO Conference July 15th through July 17th 2015 in Savannah, GA.* We look forward to see you there! The city of Denver has expressed interest in hosting our conference in 2016. Any ideas or suggestions you may have would be well received.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or suggestions.

National Bureau of Revebue and Regulatory Officials

The National Bureau of Revenue and Regulatory Officials (NBRRO) was established to provide an education forum for the interchange of ideas among state and local business licensing officials. Presently, this is done through two basic means: an annual two day conference and a bi-annual update (newsletter form).

It is recognized that some officials deal solely with revenue raising; other are exclusively regulatory officials, and many do both. Great effort is made to provide helpful material at the conferences and in the newsletter to all licensing officials.


Our 29th Annual Conference will be held in Washington, DC from July 10th-12th 2013. The conferences are designed to provide substantive information regarding a variety of issues that affect local licensing officials from around the country, regardless of whether you are involved in regulatory issues, occupational taxation issues, or both.


Currently, national certification of revenue and regulatory officials has two levels. The first is based on job experience and training. It is in place. The second, still under development, will require rigorous examination to demonstrate expertise in the licensing field. Both will require continual training to maintain the certification. It is planned to work hand-in-hand with state or area organizations to fulfill the training requirement. The purpose is to provide designations recognized by government employees and licenses that the individual has achieved a level of knowledge and training in business licensing that qualifies the person for the position and will prove beneficial in the performance of licensing functions.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or suggestions.